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Spank Me Again Please


Spank Me Again Please

My husband has the delightfully annoying habit of spanking one cheek and then walking away.  He knows I love symmetry and that I will chase ‘Him’ around the house positioning my fanny for him to spank the other cheek.  It’s annoying because my body is craving a little more sensual satisfaction and it’s fun that I have to go and ask for it after the first teaser swat.

So what’s in the spank that keeps me coming back for more?  Well it’s really about position and intensity.  There is so much more pleasure to be gained from this disciplinary tact from childhood.   This is not the wailing, crying spanking from your childhood designed for pure pain and obedience, this is the grown up make it ‘hurt so good’ version.

Butt Primer:

Your glutemus maximus is a nice range of muscles covered with a light or heavy layer of fat.  You want to aim for the muscle as the tendons don’t offer much but a sting and an ouch.   Always aim for the muscles.


The really good news is that our butt cheeks have a ‘sweet spot’ or a shelf that thanks to our creator creates a sexual stimulus from intense impact.


Where is the sweet spot?  It is the reverse shelf.  The space between the depth of the buttocks and the depth of the thigh.  That’s the location of the most pleasure in a spanking.  Too high up on the buttocks it stings a LOT, to far around the sides your spanking the tendons and bones.  Hitting bone hurts you more than the spankee or bottom.

I like symmetry, so if you spank the left cheek four times in a row, the right cheek will be waiting it’s turn.

Developing a rhythm when you spank is easier with music, find an upbeat song with a rhythmic beat you like.   Anticipation is part of the excitement of a good spanking.  Once a cheek is stimulated the pleasure takes a minute to realize.  So spank and wait.  Let the spankee get a moment to absorb the impact and let the endorphins begin to come to the aid of the pain with yummy feel good chemicals.  You can notice this on the bottom by watching how the cheeks relax after spanking.  Watch carefully and alternate between spanking, kneading and stroking.  You want to knead the flesh you’ve just spanked so it distributes the endorphin chemicals deeper into the tissue.  That will allow you to spank longer and more enjoyably.  Stroking the surface will send chills of pleasure to the bottom and when you have a good combination of spank, knead and stroke you can be sure you’ll produce the wetness that makes this play a great starter for sex.   A well spanked bottom definitely improves the penetration stimulus from any position you choose.

So happy spanking. Check out this music video for some inspired spanking music from Bulgarian hottie Emanuela.

Mistress Serene

Mistress Serene is an erotic intelligence coach, arm chair adviser, philosopher, BDSM educator, and practitioner. She is an author of “All My Heroes Were Ho’s, Life Lessons From the Dungeon” and an upcoming short story collection “Firsts, Our Coming of Age Stories”. Her company Serene Sin produces a line of sensual toys call Love Bites Gloves. She is a frequent radio and Internet show guest and author appearing on Playboy and Spice Radio, Dr. Julie Block, Size Matters with Lexington Steele,, TSR Networks, The Fetish Show and presented nationally at DESIRE: Leather Women Unleashed, Evolution Revolution and Leather Leadership Conference.


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