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7 Tips to enjoy Anal Sex

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7 Tips to enjoy Anal Sex

Although anal sex is more common than it was before, most people are still shy to discuss or hesitant to try it.  Nonetheless, a lot of people are curious about anal sex even though it might seem as a scary proposition.  Anal sex is definitely enjoyable and we want you to experience it as well.  In addition, anal sex can be a safe, healthy, and sexy way to explore your sexuality with your partner.  Before you plan on having anal sex, there are some essential steps to take before starting any back door action so that both of you will enjoy it.

1)  Lube up! 

Use lube, lots of it, as the anus does not produce its own lubricant unlike the vagina.   This is to ensure that both of you have a safe and enjoyable experience.  Lubes help to increase the slipperiness during entry.  Lube your finger and use it for entry first to get your lady comfortable with the feeling.  The difference between water-based and silicone lubes are that the former eventually evaporates and you will need to reapply during the session while the silicone lubes do not evaporate but are thicker.  Remember, you can never use too much lube.

2)  Relax

Anal sex can be pretty daunting for any lady especially when it’s her first time.  Create a relaxed atmosphere by giving her a massage to loosen her muscles and tension.  Only when she is relaxed and ready to go should the guy begin to enter her.

3)  Foreplay

To be specific, anal foreplay.  Guys, do not stick your penis into your lady’s anus at the very first time of asking.  Start off with some anal foreplay by using your tongue, fingers or anal sex toys to let her get used to the feeling before doing the deed.

4)  Communicate

Talk to each other before and throughout the session.  Know your lady’s needs and concerns about anal sex.  Go slow from the start and ask her to let you know if it hurts and if she is okay with the pace.  Communicating with her helps your lady feel comfortable which is important!

5)  She’s the lead

Guys, your lady is the lead in this one.  Let her decide the pace, depth and pressure you can use when having anal sex to make it a pleasant experience.  Unlike vaginal sex, the anus is very sensitive and going in rough and hard is not the way.  Move very slow and take your time.  There will definitely be some pressure when going in but stop immediately if it is way too painful.  For beginners, use the spooning position by lying sideways and entering her or doing it doggy style for a start.

6)  Use protection

Even though there isn’t a risk of pregnancy, putting on a condom during anal sex minimises the risk of infection and STI transmission.  Never go from the anus to the vagina or mouth without changing the condom!

7)  Clear your bowels

Anal sex is not as messy as what most people will imagine.  Certainly, clearing the bowels before anal sex does help, as well as washing the area around the anus with soap is sufficient to ensure the experience is a relatively clean one.

Go forth, or back rather, and enjoy

Make sure that you and your partner are prepared for anal sex.  When done correctly, it is a great experience for both parties.  However, a bad experience can put one off for life.  It is always essential to try anything once, so do your homework to make it good for the both of you.


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